Local Residential EPC Certificates – East London – Essex

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required whenever a local residential property is, built, sold, or rented. You must order an EPC for potential buyers and tenants before you market your property for sale or rental.


What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An EPC is a certificate that shows how energy-efficient your residential property is. The document includes estimated energy costs, as well as a summary of your home’s energy performance-related features.


EPCs also include recommendations on measures that would make your home more energy-efficient, along with estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings you could make.


Residential EPC Ratings and Certification

Your property will be given an energy-efficiency grade between A and G, with A being the most energy-efficient – and G being the least energy efficient. New-build residential homes tend to have high EPC ratings, while older properties often have lower ratings of around D or E. The average EPC rating for a home in the UK is D.


How to Improve Your Energy Efficiency Rating

An EPC will list ways to improve your rating and give indicative costs. These improvements will help you, your buyer or your tenants save on bills and lessen the environmental impact of the property.


Common recommendations EPCs tend to give homes across East London include:
– Insulation for your floor, roof, loft, or walls. Better insulation reduces the need for heating, thereby lowering your energy bill.
– Double glazing: windows keep in significantly more heat when they are double-glazed, again reducing the need for heating.
– Solar panels: these produce cheaper, greener energy.
– Upgraded Boiler: Replacing an older boiler can speed up heating processes.
– Energy efficient appliances: Switching to more efficient appliances, such as light bulbs, electric ovens, and eco-kettles can reduce energy consumption significantly.
– Low-energy lighting: a smaller change that involves no structural alteration, using low-energy light bulbs is a cheap, easy way to lower energy bills.


Based in East London, our EPC experts can provide you with advice on the best solar panel options for your property.

As well as recommendations and detailed information on your current EPC status, your EPC certificate will include the potential cost of undertaking these improvements and the typical costs you could be saving over three years. We can advise on the estimated costs of heating, lighting, and hot water after improvements are made, as well as total potential savings, and the energy performance rating you might receive after making the recommended improvements to your residential property.

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